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Calming busy minds & helping tribes thrive

Autism, Wellbeing, Connected to Nature

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"WilderMe is a magical experience!"
Home Manager


“This social project is a real gem” 

Our mission is to make wellness and nature immersive experiences accessible to all neurotypes..
At WilderMe, we believe in community and connection to foster a healthier and more inclusive world. 

Situated on a stunning, natural site overlooking Kingsand Bay, WilderMe offers wellbeing and adventure retreats for autistic adults and nature breaks for families with autistic children.
When we're not in the wild with our tribes, our awesome Geodomes are available for hire and all profits support our autistic retreats & help keep WilderMe sustainable.

Showing  compassionate attention to nature and exploring fun activities that help rekindle an ancient connection to the natural world, the WilderMe programme has been proven to calm busy minds and help tribes thrive.  

Our Activities

We can tailor your programme to suite the needs of your group  

Nature walks & Shinrin Yoku

Creative art workshops

Kayaking & SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

Campfire Sing-a-long

Sea Safari Boat Adventure

Foraging, wild cookery workshop & feast

What Our Guests and Carers Say

You can’t underestimate the therapeutic benefits of fresh air, sea view with a fire going. With WilderMe you are able to experience the outdoors but with style. Style which is wonderfully balanced with consideration to the environment.

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You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur, and shark teeth, broken down to their smallest parts and rebuilt into our planet’s most complex living thing.

You are not living on Earth. You are Earth.

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