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Having lived and worked in London for 15 years we can completely empathise how modern life can be overwhelming and feel chaotic.

Showing  compassionate attention to nature and exploring fun activities that help rekindle an ancient connection to the natural world, the WilderMe programme has been proven to calm busy minds and help tribes thrive.  


Nature gives us unconditional love

"I was a support worker in a residential care home for adults with autism in North London. Having grown up myself in the country I thought a camping trip would be really fun for the residents so looked in to finding something that catered for people on the autism spectrum but I couldn't find anything suitable, so I decided to organise one myself.


We had an awesome time and I started to notice changes to our whole tribe, how we interacted and felt, it was then the penny dropped that nature can really help us to relax and destress making us open to another way of being. "

Natalie, Co-Founder


Music, art and a need to be connected to the natural world is part of our DNA

"I was always fascinated by the natural world as a young boy, getting up at the crack of dawn to hear the dawn chorus, learning as many British bird calls as possible and keen to identify anything that didn't talk.


My second love was music and as a professional drummer I have travelled the world but everywhere I went I always found time to explore and nurture my connection to nature. "

Geoff, Co-Founder

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